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The Veteran of Zelda [Iceman Blue]

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[DBComix] Teen Titans Raven

Raven of “Teen Titans” might look hot (and even sexually attractive) in her canonical costume, but what makes her to look sexy for sure is a super tight latex costume with lots of laces and a gothic black gagball inside her mouth! Raven looks like the sex slave who has a very naughty villainess. Well, this is not at all what it seems as this is the theme of this hentai-themed parody comics is going to be about!

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[VonBoche] Neez Yohma Changing Room (The Legend of Zelda)

It is likely that Link used to be the hero of many of his adventures. However, at some point his constitution must have played a joke on him . In comparison to the big muscled tall man, he appears like a petite skinny princess! It’s true that in this tale, Link will be used as such. Link as the fuckable female femboy in Yaoi themed parody comics . Are you prepared to see something like that?

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[Eric W. Schwartz] Chiropterana Returns

Comics about superheroes, but for pet lovers. The comic will show you how Batman is patrolling Gotham and helps the needy and young Fox. She thanks the hero for sucking and gives him a blowup in an alleyway that is dark. Then the hero puts the girl down and begins to fuck her. This is not your typical furry comic. There are instances where he fucks her pussy, and she sucks her dick. In this scenario the sex part is just one element of the story. The story revolves around love. If you love furry comics and stories, this one is perfect for you.

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[Schpicy] Her Load to Bear—Side Girl Quest

Looks like helping save the Kingdom of Hyrule has a few other benefits . Soon our hero Link is going to discover that having sexy female fangirls can be very beneficial when the time he needs to unwind… By this, by the way, here’s one of his most popular (yep it’s her bodycurves, which are very sexy and sexy) fangirls named Paya who can’t wait to feel Link’s massive boner in her!

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Urbosas Lust (The Legend of Zelda)

So busy Princess Zelda traverses the desert. The oasis that blooms was thought to be protected and guarded by witches. As Princess Zelda was drinking water when she saw in the reflection of the woman’s red hair in fierceness. The guardian is known as the oasis. The guard informs you that you must pay for everything. He then sticks a finger into his fake hose. Princess Zelda realizes that she’ll have to pay for it with sexual intimacy..

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Wind Waker

“Wind Waker” is a colroful adventurein comics format that will take a less experienced Link through various situations and pretty much forge him into a character that is loved and adored by all of us to this day. Of course, it’s important to note that these tales are bound to have a lot of sexual moments , plus it will be quite helpful if you are familiar with the official tales and characters from “The Legend of Zelda” series.

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