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[DBComix] Teen Titans Raven

Raven of “Teen Titans” might look hot (and even sexually attractive) in her canonical costume, but what makes her to look sexy for sure is a super tight latex costume with lots of laces and a gothic black gagball inside her mouth! Raven looks like the sex slave who has a very naughty villainess. Well, this is not at all what it seems as this is the theme of this hentai-themed parody comics is going to be about!

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Kakutou Himegimi

A busty beauty named Kakutou Himegimi visited an ill friend. He's suffering from an illness and needs to be treated. But Kakutou Himegimi knows how to cheer up a dude. She starts massaging his underpants and notices that the thick sausage begins to expand. Then Kakutou Himegimi takes off her top, and shows huge watermelons with pink nipples. Kakutou Himegimi then sucks a fat guy and is now ready for sexual therapy. Let's look at this immediately.

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[VonBoche] Neez Yohma Changing Room (The Legend of Zelda)

It is likely that Link used to be the hero of many of his adventures. However, at some point his constitution must have played a joke on him . In comparison to the big muscled tall man, he appears like a petite skinny princess! It’s true that in this tale, Link will be used as such. Link as the fuckable female femboy in Yaoi themed parody comics . Are you prepared to see something like that?

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Link to Zelda ga Jun Ai Ecchi suru Manga

In the world of Hyrule there is only one method to figure out who’s gay and who’s not gay- by having a private interrogation from non other than Princess Zelda! Of course, we must put the word ‘interrogation’ in quotation marks since it does not have anything in common with question-answers or other actions, and it’s not mr. Ethan Amere’s way of fucking with a slutty Elves!

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[Eric W. Schwartz] Chiropterana Returns

Comics about superheroes, but for pet lovers. The comic will show you how Batman is patrolling Gotham and helps the needy and young Fox. She thanks the hero for sucking and gives him a blowup in an alleyway that is dark. Then the hero puts the girl down and begins to fuck her. This is not your typical furry comic. There are instances where he fucks her pussy, and she sucks her dick. In this scenario the sex part is just one element of the story. The story revolves around love. If you love furry comics and stories, this one is perfect for you.

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Inmu 1

Two gorgeous kittens willing to impress their master's hard cock with their tongues, and not just with them? In theworld of aniem's "Ranma "Ranma 1/2" you will find at least two! One of them is Ranma and the other is the one we would all love to be able to see more often in hentai parodies and more often- gorgeous Shampoo! You can pick your favorite!

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The Torturous Training of New Recruits

Although we all know Link as the hero of many fantastic fantasy adventures thanks to "The Legend of Zelda" Many believe that his appearance is the same as Princess Zelda. Link's real problems will come when the massive, muscular males in the locker room find his appearance too feminine… Yaoi's warning!

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Wolf Con F [Taken for Granite] Comic – English

It's hard to imagine what these massive, muscular and big dudes do when they're not engaging in a battle with a femboyish Elven. Evidently, they are measuring the lengths of their massive hard cocks! They also measure their throats and their asses according to the hentai-themed parody comics.

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Nise 2

Princess or not, but traveling through the desert by yourself is a tough and difficult experience that not everyone can survive through. When Zelda started to believe that she is sadly to those who are “not everyone”, her salvation is unexpectedly averted and it’s from two old creepy witches! Zelda must be cautious however, as witches aren’t all as it appears.

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[Mikiron] Linkles Lesson (The Legend of Zelda)

Princess Zelda lost her favorite compass. She’s determined to do anything to get him back. So be it. The kidnappers begin by flooding Princess’s face in sperm and then make her throw a jerk at big darts. After that, they drive all the darts that were full of the sperm into her mouth. The Princess is unable to stand the sight and asks for forgiveness. The heroes again apply pressure on the victim and talk about their personal lives, their tiniest actions and how they behave as if they were dicks.

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