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Kakutou Himegimi

A busty beauty named Kakutou Himegimi visited an ill friend. He's suffering from an illness and needs to be treated. But Kakutou Himegimi knows how to cheer up a dude. She starts massaging his underpants and notices that the thick sausage begins to expand. Then Kakutou Himegimi takes off her top, and shows huge watermelons with pink nipples. Kakutou Himegimi then sucks a fat guy and is now ready for sexual therapy. Let's look at this immediately.

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[VonBoche] Neez Yohma Changing Room (The Legend of Zelda)

It is likely that Link used to be the hero of many of his adventures. However, at some point his constitution must have played a joke on him . In comparison to the big muscled tall man, he appears like a petite skinny princess! It’s true that in this tale, Link will be used as such. Link as the fuckable female femboy in Yaoi themed parody comics . Are you prepared to see something like that?

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Link to Zelda ga Jun Ai Ecchi suru Manga

In the world of Hyrule there is only one method to figure out who’s gay and who’s not gay- by having a private interrogation from non other than Princess Zelda! Of course, we must put the word ‘interrogation’ in quotation marks since it does not have anything in common with question-answers or other actions, and it’s not mr. Ethan Amere’s way of fucking with a slutty Elves!

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Inmu 1

Two gorgeous kittens willing to impress their master's hard cock with their tongues, and not just with them? In theworld of aniem's "Ranma "Ranma 1/2" you will find at least two! One of them is Ranma and the other is the one we would all love to be able to see more often in hentai parodies and more often- gorgeous Shampoo! You can pick your favorite!

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Nise 2

Princess or not, but traveling through the desert by yourself is a tough and difficult experience that not everyone can survive through. When Zelda started to believe that she is sadly to those who are “not everyone”, her salvation is unexpectedly averted and it’s from two old creepy witches! Zelda must be cautious however, as witches aren’t all as it appears.

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A Royal Prize

Princess Zelda Wait for your love. She’s naked and sexy in her bedroom. Zelda is welcomed by a lover who begins to kiss the big in the dick. They jump on the bed and kiss. After that, the king enters the roomand he as well as his lover fuck Zelda in the piss. The king then kicks Zelda on the table and then on the ground. What do you think about me fucking you – Zelda inquires of her love. “Fine I’d like to get you to fuck me,” the lover replies.

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online porn game

Underground laboratory for cloning females. One of the clones awakens and looks at. A tentacle-wielding robot is attacking her. He squishes her big bums, and then begins to massage her pink nipples. The tentacles break through the clone’s pussy and make her fuck her. Then, the robot gets inside her. The robot clone leaves and the girl lies under him in a pool filled with semen. Get started reading the comic now.

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NISE Zelda no Densetsu Prologe (CR25) [LTM. (Taira Hajime)]

What if Princess Zelda’s quest in restoring peace in Hyrule Kingdom is actually more complicated than you think? What if Zelda must put her sweet a** on the line in both metaphorical and quite literally? What if a sexy goblin was able to gain access to Zelda’s royal fuckholes?! Lots of concerns… and the answers are found in this parody comics!

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Dual Queens

Justice in the Mushroom Kingdom can be quite different and at this moment you are likely to see it through yourself, based on the story of Princess Peach and Sheik! The brutal punishment and the arrest of Sheik are going to be followed by Princess Peach declaring Sheik a traitor. But is it really going to be punishment? And what are Prinecss Peach’s motives for doing this in the first place?

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Good Doggy, a bootydog 21+ parody

A comic book that focuses on futanari in the Zelda universe. While you might recognize the characters, they are oddly different. Futanari believes in gigantism and everything. But if you like futanari comics then take a look at this cute colored comic about sex. See what stories will be waiting for you in the pages of this comic. It’s now time to start reading.

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